So I thought I'd put together this little cheat sheet of sorts as a reminder for you. Hope it helps. General rule of thumb is: Say it too, don't just think or act it.  

When you miss me.. say it and let me know ,

When you think of me.. say it and let me know,

If you love me... say it and let me know (also just as a reminder) 

If you are thinking nice thoughts let me know, 

If you are thinking sexy or romantic things about me say it,

If I do something nice or good, acknowledge it (in a positive light)

If I am good at something acknowledge it  

IF you wake up and you miss me, let me know. 

If you think I'm handsome or a fine boy, let me know. (Also If you think I have a face like an eroded rock, let me know)

Not every day deep convos on life defining things. Sometimes silliness, lightheartedness  and sweet romantic vibings please. 

Suggest activities or outings for us to do. 

Short messages about how you were thinking of me are nice. lol. Me too I like romantic messages some (Major 🔑 these would put in cloud 9 for days 🙈)

It would be nice if you would call me or message me first sometimes  (Always initiating conversations "sometimes" makes me feel needy and interruptive. "Sometimes"

Share your emotions and feelings not just your thoughts. I really never have any doubts that you are productive or a super-achiever.  But I also want to know how you're feeling or were feeling about a particular situation or life in general, both your highs and your lows.  I want to ... need to see beneath your beautiful




Just putting it out there, I don't see any of these as a sign of weakness or reasons to get my head swollen. They'll just make me happy and be nice little remInders that you care, you "want me/I'm needed"  and also build a stronger connection overall. 


Positivity is not about the absence of my wrongs being called out, but the presence of the things I do right/I'm good at/positive qualities being called out and acknowledged by you.

If you don't call out the positive, I will take it that you haven't seen it or it doesn't count as anything remarkable or noteworthy in your eyes. And yes, your perspective and view of me does matter. This is not to say that you should coddle me, just that you should say the good and the bad.


When my intentions, thoughts or actions are in doubt, please ask. I will do the same. 


My love languages just as a reminder

Yours as  a reminder to me


The summarised cheat sheet for both of US. lol