I'll say it a 1000 times, I'll say it a 1,000 more...

I love you.
I love you Gen...
I love you my princess of Zen...
I love you my Kenyan Princess...

I love you Ahoɔfɛ Hemaa..
I love you Genevieve Gabrielle Namaemba Simiyu.

I know my love isn't perfect, and  that I'm not perfect (I make millions of mistakes every day, every hour self).

But what I know and I commit to (have committed to..) is to do my best to love you better with each additional day. 
To work on those parts of me that aren't perfect and to  give you the parts of me that are good. To share my heart and mind with you. And to do my best to do right by you. 

I pray (ghanianism 101😂) that we progress and grow in ❤ of each other. That we love each other the right way and make each other feel the love we have for each other. 

You are amazing!
Thank you for letting me love you. 😘

Hoping that this would a long lasting smile on your face. 😊

Once again, I love you Ahoɔfɛ Hemaa 

P.K. Woode
(Pet name not supplied 😘)